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It seems like there's always someone watching us. And unfortunately, when we're being watched it's rarely someone looking out for us. They're looking to see us mess up. They want…
How many times have you hear (or said) "You can't do that in church!!"?

Looking west, looking east

August 18, 2019
Sometimes the winds of life creep up on us. We look in one direction and it's all clear skies; the other direction is a terrible storm. But sometimes it's good…

Even When God Is Silent

August 11, 2019
Even though things might not be going, well, just how we want them to go. Even in the midst of the tragedies that befall our often too sad world, we…


August 4, 2019
Hosea chapter 11, verses 1-11 helps us to understand how God turns our expectations upside down, giving us love instead of condemnation.